ATTORNEYS often encounter the need to collaborate with a mental health professional.  By utilizing AC&C, the attorney can focus on their expertise while referring the client to professional counseling and consultative services. 

To your clients, we can provide:

 ∙ Separation and Divorce Counseling
 ∙ Child and Adolescent Therapy
 ∙ Professional Counseling for Depression and Anxiety
 ∙ Parenting & Co-Parenting Classes
 ∙ Anger Management Counseling

Invite us as a guest speaker.   We can discuss the benefits of counseling & therapy for the following:

 ∙ Separation & Divorce
 ∙ Custody or Joint Custody Issues 
 ∙ Step-Parenting and Extended Families

For your staff and agency, we can conduct Wellness Workshops on the following topics: 

 ∙ Time Management
 ∙ Stress Management
 ∙ Compassion Fatigue
 ∙ Life Balance
 ∙ Diversity and Sensitivity
 ∙ Mental Health Awareness
 ∙ Team Building 

  AC&C can tailor a Wellness Workshop as per your request!

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